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Pokémon Battle Evolution - Episode 17
02-24-2014, 04:46 PM
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Pokémon Battle Evolution - Episode 17
[Image: PBE_017.png]

This week on Pokémon Battle Evolution, eSeamus is alone and brings you a story only he can bring you!

Thanks to Alec, Tuddrussell, and Mikey from Pokémon Crossroads for buying some packs for the show!

Want to donate booster packs to Pokémon Battle Evolution? Head to to check out the wishlist. Donate a pack and eSeamus will plug whatever you want (within reason) every time the pack is talked about on the show!

Post your BW-tan fan art here to get yourself a BWたん Wailmer (while supplies last)!

Pokémon Battle Evolution Latios Giveaway Trivia Contest!
03-04-2014, 12:50 PM
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RE: Pokémon Battle Evolution - Episode 17
Just finished listening to this episode and I want to say I found it very touching. I was surprised how much I could relate to eSeamus' story... I also found Pokemon at a difficult time in my life and it made a huge difference. I know it sounds insanely nerdy to most people, and I understand that, but it means a lot to me and my life would be so different without it. It helped me through some rough times, it inspired me in a lot of ways, and most importantly, I met some of my closest friends because of it. Can't imagine life without them!

Thanks for sharing your story, eSeamus.

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