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Pokémon Battle Evolution - Episode 12
12-19-2013, 03:47 PM
Post: #1
Pokémon Battle Evolution - Episode 12
[Image: PBE_012.png]

This week on Pokémon Battle Evolution, eSeamus is joined by Scott to talk about the news and some new things for BW Podcasts.

Thanks to Alec and Matt S. for buying some packs for the show!

Storm Drain - Big Root
Gastro Acid
Mega Drain
Mirror Coat

Introducing BW-tan!

[Image: BW-tan.png]

Feel free to submit topics for future episodes! You can also submit decklists or Pokémon teams for future episodes!

Buy Pokémon Battle Evolution a booster pack and get a plug! Wishlist is here!
12-21-2013, 06:37 AM
Post: #2
RE: Pokémon Battle Evolution - Episode 12
Although a bit too moe for my taste, BW-tan has a very solid design as a mascot character. Big props to Scott for it.

Also, when I was just getting into competitive back in mid 2011, I was messing around with a bunch of not very used pokemons, one of the more successful ones was Cradily. I mostly used a set of Stockpile - Recover - AncientPower - GigaDrain ,which worked surprisingly well as dual wall. I can see the appeal of Mirror coat, but its a bit too situational , and easily predictable after your opponent knows you have it.

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