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Question [Weeks of 3/24/13 & 3/31/13]
03-25-2013, 02:23 PM
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Question [Weeks of 3/24/13 & 3/31/13]
You are now the head of your favorite Pokémon evil syndicate, congratulations! It is now your job to decide what your agenda is. You can be the head of any group you want. (I.e Team Rocket, Magma, Plasma, etc…) We would like to see your creative and interesting responses and you do not necessarily have to be evil.
Me personally, I would dethrone Giovanni in a heartbeat. While some people might try to take over Kanto and Johto, I feel like I would rather put my efforts towards making a united force to police the regions. What I mean is stop other criminal offenders and maintain a tight hold over all the regions’ affairs. Why be evil when you have everyone under your thumb? This way I have all the power and people respect me for my proactive attempts to keep the region free of crime. A united force for good? No, a united force for me!

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03-25-2013, 07:39 PM
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RE: Question [Weeks of 3/24/13 & 3/31/13]
I would take over from Cyrus of team Galactic. But I would approach it Green Hornet style, and take down evil and corruption from the inside, whilst maintaining the loyalty of the grunts.

esse verum ad te
03-27-2013, 10:02 AM
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RE: Question [Weeks of 3/24/13 & 3/31/13]
Here are the phases of my master plan.

1. Take over team Plasma.
2. Denounce Ghetsis/N as misguided, only I know the truth
3. Focus all efforts on Pokémon freeing/ Pokémon rights
4. Call anyone who uses Pokémon in battles "foolish", because Pokémon were "never designed to battle"
5. Still use Pokémon in battles
6. Get called hypocrites
7. Delete any logical comments on the "official" Team Plasma site that disagree with our views and make sense
8. Show up at large Pokémon tourneys and picket them
9. Get made fun on sites like "REDit" and "4Hitmonchan"
10. Change team name to "Team PETA"
11. ???

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