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The Big Announcement
01-08-2013, 11:15 PM
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The Big Announcement
I want to hear people's thoughts on Pokemon X and Y here. The new 3DS exclusive 6th generation. First off eSeamus was right about the simultaneous release. Of course I want to hear everyone else's thoughts on the subject as well.

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01-09-2013, 08:09 AM
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RE: The Big Announcement
Ok most people are hating the new look of the players but I think that once we play it will grow on us and with enough technology for example generation 9 (yeah Lomg way away) and maybe earlier will be epic

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01-09-2013, 11:18 AM (This post was last modified: 01-09-2013 11:21 AM by Unggoy14.)
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RE: The Big Announcement
First off, I think it is awesome that this 3DS exclusive, along with all the 3D battles and such, the UI looks amazing, and so do the graphics. Additionally, the region appears to be based off of France.

Now for the Pokèmon designs. The two legendaries both look amazing, and are definitely a new look for the franchise, as they appear to be things that could be actual legends (as an example, the stag looks as though it is some kind of forest spirit). As far as starters go, I particularly like Fennekin and Froakie (mostly because Fennekin will probably be Fire/Psychic, and Froakie looks like a Benjamen Franklin frog).

I will probably start off with Froakie. I bet that mustache is gonna get huge on evolution.

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01-09-2013, 11:38 AM
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RE: The Big Announcement
Really like the look of the new games, but not so hot on the starters, mostly because there seems to be nothing new there, but Froakie getting a giant mustache (hopefully curled) would be awesome, but I don't see Fennekin being anything than a buffed retread of Vulpix, Chespin is meh to me, probably because its similar to everyone's favorite beaver. Legendaries are awesome looking, probably going to go with Y version, but might get both, not sure. Oh, since they're named X and Y, we might be getting sequels to these games like with BW2.
01-09-2013, 11:28 PM
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RE: The Big Announcement
It'll be cool to see all the new Pokemon, Froakie looks cool and totally think he's going to be a Water/Ice type I'm calling it now. More over the new region definitely gives off that European vibe, not just because of the Eiffel Tower, but the architecture in general in some place. Also, I saw no evidence of a space colony, just sayin'.

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01-10-2013, 04:37 AM
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RE: The Big Announcement
Also, is it to early to call that since their might be running of naming ideas they'll just call the VII Generation: Pokemon 7?

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01-10-2013, 05:43 AM (This post was last modified: 01-10-2013 05:44 AM by Unggoy14.)
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RE: The Big Announcement
No, they named the new generation X and Y because (assuming that a Pokémon Z will come later) of the transition to 3D, because X Y Z are the three dimensions of space. Also, it could possibly signify something to do with DNA.

[Image: 3ZNNPIx.png]
01-10-2013, 08:34 AM
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RE: The Big Announcement
Confirmed today the legendary's are named Xerneas (Deerlga teehee) and Yveltal (Y-bird thank you Bouncing Wailord I have nicknames now.)

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01-11-2013, 04:51 AM
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RE: The Big Announcement
I think the X and Y are for the chromosomes (the Japanese logo features something like a double helix). As for final evolutions I will have a guess that Chespin final form will be pure grass (because I cant think of anything else) Froakie's final form will most likely be water/ice but i like the idea of water flying (clouds around his neck maybe?) and fennekin is interesting, the use of what looks like a psychic move makes me think fire/psychic, but I cant help but also think maybe fire/ground becuse of his colouring and that the fennec fox is a Saharan fox. look wise, im very happy they have made this step. If it is based on Europe then there is a lot they can do with the look of the scenery and I think it will be incredible to behold. I really can not wait to get my hands on this in October!

esse verum ad te
01-13-2013, 03:32 PM
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RE: The Big Announcement
Further proof that the new Region is based on France/Europe:

Palace shown in footage is based on Palace of Versailles

Pikachu is shown in Europe when he talks

Architecture in general looks French/European

Eiffel Tower looking thing in background during male character rollerblading

Starters appear to be animals common in Europe

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