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Waiload of power
09-24-2012, 11:00 AM
Post: #1
Waiload of power
Wailord (dragons exalted)
Stunfisk (dragons exalted)
Throh (dragons exalted)
Sawk (dragons exalted)
Wailmer (dragons exalted)
Garchomp (dragons exalted)
Gabite (dragons exalted)
Gible (dragons exalted)
Ho-Oh EX (dragons exalted)
Krokorok (dark explores)
Sandile (dark explores)
Kyurem EX (next destinies)
Bisharp (noble victories)
Pawniard (noble victories)
Krookodile (dark explores)
Seismitoad (dragons exalted)
Palpitoad (dragons exalted)
Tympole (dragons exalted)
Swanna (dark explores)
2 duckletts (dark explores)
Lucario (next destinies)
Riolu (promo BW33)
Cubone (dragons exalted)
Marowak(dragons exalted)

X2 Cheren (dark explores)
X2 energy retrieval ( black & white )
X3 cilan (next destinies)
Resue scarf (dragons exalted)

X12 fighting
X4 dark
X10 water
X3 blend enegy (dragons exalted)
Double colorless energy (next destinies)

What do you think

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