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Collabrative pokemon fan fiction
09-19-2012, 07:24 AM (This post was last modified: 09-23-2012 06:52 AM by natrivv.)
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Collabrative pokemon fan fiction
So everyone is an author lets do our best keep this somewhere between anime/manga reality aka a bidoof that joined from the start can fight and barley beat arceus but a freshly caught bidoof has no chance. and no being an almighty deity with invincible pokemon. Pokemon can die but remeber since were all writing for each other kill someone else's pokemon be prepared for a turn about. and HAVE FUN.
intro story next post

The thing about dreams is they can turn into nightmares in a flash. Pokemon are real now and our world is now twisted. As far as our knowledge goes the dimensional wall separating us collapsed and that's how our sick reality came forth. See it wasn't something sweet like a dragonite with cleffas on it's back flying down to us... no... the worlds merged together whether the land was similar or not. Mountains turned into lakes in seconds, Seas dried up, deserts flooded toxic swamps formed instantly in the middle of towns killing anyone who had been on a solid road before. Above that was an earthquake as the tectonic plates themselves were twisted into new forms. Above that still was the warring legendaries disturb and pushed together. Groundon Kyogre and Raquaza being particularly scary as they shifted the oceans and land to even greater extremes. Though through an extraordinary event cresselia and darkrai worked together to put the legendaries to sleep; at which point girintina took them to the distortion world to calm down as the world continued to buckle. Finally the world settled with the landscape of an abstract painting Frozen seas surrounded by desert, poisonous swamps and pristine flower meadows side by side. Technology was shattered yet preserved. In some places all electricity over short circited by discharging pokemon; in others psychic pokemon help repair the components to full operation.

The relationship between human and pokemon was just as varied. Some places they embraced each other working together to survive and thrive. Others they artfully ignored each other. Some warred blaming each other for this. While others enslaved both directions.

One surprising fact was that the pokemon were just like the games. Alomomola saved countless life's in this crisis while jellicient claimed entire yachts. As a result those who played the games were thrust into extremes becoming leaders, or being exiled or killed. Now this is what should of been fiction is now a real stage for our story to unfold.

(please note how long after this is unmentioned so next poster gets to decide)

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