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Question of the Week [3-10-13]
03-18-2013, 11:03 AM
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RE: Question of the Week [3-10-13]
I would set up a grass type gym in floraoma town they'd be greeted by a veteran trainer rotation battle with a breloom, ferroseed, and Ivysaur in an fall like area. Then they'd fight a toddler with a cottonee, lombre, and amoongus. Then in a spring area they'd fight a couple with cherrim, cherrim again, shiftry and leafeon, Then they'd enter a summer area where they'd have to answer questions about what each person said. after answering the fall one sunflowers would appear. winter would cause blue and white flowers to appear, and spring would cause cherry blossoms to fall. Then my trainer would appear. My team would be a ferrothorn, liligant, torterra, and roserade.
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