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Full Version: lunch, what is it?
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since my random breakfast thread was so populur I thought I'd countinue with an official thread for lunchSmile so what do you eat for lunchHuh for me it's usally leftovers from last nights dinner but on saturdays its usually an applefritter and lemon cake.Big Grin
My lunch is random, in contrast to my breakfast. Today it was a gyro meat in a pita bread. Right now, spicy lobster bisque from a fast food place that specializes in soup is my favorite lunch.
Usually a lunch meat sandwich, occasionally something that wasn't leftovers.
Lunch is far too often McDonalds.
Usually a turkey sandwich or a bowl of ramen. Or a turkey sandwich and a bowl of ramen if I'm feeling industrious/hungry.
I tend to figure out do I want to cook something or just crackers.
I live off either Corn Flakes or pizza, but if I'm in college I get a whole bread stick for 40p and eat it all for lunch xD
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