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Full Version: A sad truth
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I was recently in Wal Mart looking to snag a deal on some MTG cards, when a woman asked me about some packs of Pokemon cards. " which one of these is the newest?" she asked. I explained to the the difference between sets and how certain deals like tins and other things were useful.

She told me that her child, who I , in a moment of stupidity assumed was a boy,:dodgy:had gotten really into the card game and that she was enjoying it as well. I was surprised by three things. One, Her 8 year old daughter like the TCG. Two, She was joining her daughter in the wonders of the Pokemon world. And finally, Three, I was surprised by the gender and age of a Pokemon fan.

I know that being surprised by that was abysmal of me. The fact of the matter is however that I had rarely seen such a thing. I have Friends who play casually and I know even more people who play gen three in class throughout my high-school, but Older and Female Pokemon fans are just something that I hadn't seen. I know there must be tons of girls who love Pokemon, as well as Parents and other Adults who do. What I don't know is why they are so elusive to many of us, or me.

Why do you think that is?
I don't know from what I've seen in my city is the older audiance is about 50/50 Highschool and younger seem to be primarly male but college plus about 50/50 though I do see a fare amount of females running around with pikachu on there items; the best I've seen is a pikachu hoodie. What surprised me about your post is that the local walmarts here don't carry pokemon tcg anymore.
It's quite surprising the amount of diversity there is when it comes to Pokemon. When I was 13, me and a friend of mine went cross country (Wales is a small country, mind) to a Pokemon event to get Mew on FireRed/LeafGreen from Toys R Us, the average age was about 20, despite being a children-orientated shop! There were children forcing their parents to go, and some parents even forcing their children to go, some children by themselves and some adults by themselves too, and a load of teenagers/young adults Big Grin

Also, recently I went to SunnyCon dressed as a Naruto character but with Ash's hat and his Harry Potter scar-for-cheeks, (I used an entire can of red hair spray the day before to be Sasori) to which a lot of people said how much they enjoy Pokemon. Where I live, however, I know about two or three girls who enjoy Pokemon casually, although one called me sad for knowing more than 200 of them >.< I'm sure there's more Pokemon fans local that I don't know, but a lot of people who like Pokemon tend to keep it to themselves
Around my hometown, I would say that it's around 50/50, with most of the fans being in college/high school, and children.
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