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Full Version: So what's some of your favorite video game music?
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So what is some of your favorite video game music?
Personally I like Trance Macabre from Ontamarama

Brillant world which is the op for Luminous arc

And Lilycove city from sapphire ruby, and emeraled (and the only waltz I've noticed in pokemon fill me in if there's another one I missed)
Final Fantasy 1987-1994 is one of my favorite CDs, video game or otherwise. It has music from Final Fantasy 1-6. It's a compilation of stuff from Symphonic Suite, Celtic Moon, Dear Friends, Legend of the Eternal Wind, and the regular soundtracks. It's got some very nice vocal tracks too.
It'd be too easy to just say Rock Band, right?

Seriously though, my favorite soundtracks are the Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross ones. Great variety of songs, both chiptune and orchestrated, ranging from epic to silly.

Also Bayonetta has a pretty boss pseudo-retro soundtrack, the Anamanguchi score from the Scott Pilgrim game and not-really-a-game-soundtrack-but the Bethesda Fallout games always compile a delightful selection of old-timey tunes.
No if you said rock band I'd start online nitpicking you for specifics and no one wants to online nitpick Tongue
All the music on pokemon sapphire.

Nuff' said.
Great fantastic choice though is there any other music from a video game you could possibly like too?
Banjo-Kazooie series had some pretty kick-ass music Big Grin
My favorites are Final Fantasy 6, Final Fantasy Tactics, Lunar Silver Star Story as well as Lunar 2 Eternal Blue.
Super Mario Galaxy has a beautiful soundtrack, also Halo 3 and Pokemon Battle Revolution have a few good songs, but I usually play my games on mute and listen to my music or podcasts
oh and the "new" remake of Alone in the Dark that came out.... god... 2008, That had some pretty sick music in it!!
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