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Full Version: I respect your opinion, but the best band EVER is...
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Coheed & Cambria.

nuff said.
They Might Be Giants
EDIT: Scratch that. Avenged Sevenfold is the best band ever

EDIT: They Might Be Giants because they are seriously the best band ever.
No, I shall not leave this thread undead, for the best band is, and always will be, even unto the ends of the ends of the endings of the earth/solar system/galaxy: Tears for Fears.
Either Rise Against, Circa Survive or Foo Fighters
I have many favorite bands, all of which have pleased my ears and changed my life. I go through periods where I might not listen to one favorite as much as I do at other times, but the favorites are always the ones that I come back to time and time again.

As for which favorite I am listening to the most of right now, that would probably be Cardiacs.
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